Beer & Wine

Starting @ 11am

SCC Mimosa

Barefoot Bubbly with a splash of Orange Juice

SCC Red Beer
Price of Beer + $1.50

Your choice of beer (recommended Olympia or Kokanee) with our homemade pico de gallo tomato juice, and garnished with our Escabeche

O' Mara's Irish Cream (6oz. on the rocks)

O' Mara's Irish Cream & Coffee

6oz. O' Mara's Irish Cream & Coffee with Whip Cream

Craft Beers

Bozone Gallatin Pale Ale $4.50 Bozone Amber $4.50 Bozone Hopzone IPA $4.50 Kettle House, Cold Smoke (16oz.) $5.50 Kettle House, Double Haul IPA (16oz.) $5.50

Domestic & Imported Beer

Olympia $2.50 Corona $4.00

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